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6 Months Certification Course

Registered Affiliates (R.A.©s) are offering project engineering training, Certified Project Engineering Professional (CPeP®) exam preparation, seminars and workshops focused to address practical engineering issues. The R.A.©s offered course content relies on materials provided by the Academy. Academy has a core group of advisors who use their professional knowledge and expertise to finalize the R.A.©s program.

At the completion of the course, Academy of Project Engineering - UK will conduct CPeP® examination for these candidates and will provide certificates based on the examination result. For enquiry on courses, please email course@acadprojengg.com

Registered Affiliates offer the following three courses
6 Months duration – Certification course on Project Engineering
6 Weeks duration – Certification course on Project Engineering
2 days - Executive Training module on Project Engineering

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The Academy management to identify the needs of the industry and the candidates and revise course and criteria for R.A.©s.

Project Engineering Course Outline

Project Engineering module will train personnel in planning, management and coordination of various project engineering activities through participatory workshops as well as class room training. In this module, we will talk about practical aspects of handling projects apart from basics engineering design that has been already learnt in engineering colleges and practised in your work place. Engineering disciplines are interdependent in a project and all need to work coherently to meet the project objective. In this module, a detailed discussion will be held to clarify the synergy of different engineering disciplines.

How to initiate a project?
Project Engineering and Project definition.
Synergy of Engineering Disciplines
Interdisciplinary engineering during a project between all engineering disciplines.
Chemical and Instrumentation Engineering and it's application during design, Commissioning and start up
Civil Engineering, Construction and Construction Safety.
Mechanical Static, Rotating, Piping Engineering and its Construction Applications.
Electrical Engineering, its design construction aspects and Commissioning.
Project Planning & Controls
Cost Estimation of a project , it's thumb rules and examples.
Project Interfaces
Engineering Interfaces
Construction Interfaces
Commissioning Interfaces
Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Risk Assessment during Pre-engineering, Engineering and Mitigation of risk through out the project life cycle.
Qualitative Risk Assessment
Quantitative Risk Assessment
Construction Engineering
Civil & Structural
Mechanical – Static & Rotary
Procurement and its Phases
Technical Bid Evaluation
Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up
Activities during Pre-commissioning
Activities during Commissioning and start-up
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