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Certified Structural Engineer (CSE) Certification

Training Objectives:

To incept basic as well as advanced concepts of structural Engineering with the use of sophisticated structural software along with theoretical concepts with practical problem solutions.

Outcome of the training:

The potential candidate will be able to understand basics and advance level in structural engineering along with use of related structural software to solve simple and complex structural problems.

After completion of course, he/she will be fully conversant with the Analysis & Design of Multi-storeyed Buildings/Villas/Auditorium/Stadium/Industrial Sheds/Highways/Bridges/Transmission Line Towers using International codes BSEN, ACI, AASHTO etc. with structural design software ETABS.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to Structural Engineering
  • Introduction to R.C.C & Steel Designing
  • Introduction to E-Tabs
  • Model Generations
  • Assigning Loads
  • Automatic Load Generations
  • Creating Load Combinations
  • Column and Beam Design
  • Shear Wall Design
  • RC Designer
  • Seismic Analysis and Design
  • Static Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Response Spectrum Analysis
  • Introduction to FEM/ FEA
  • Water Tank Design
  • Slab Design
  • Staircase Design
  • Foundation Design
  • Steel Design
  • Transmission Line Tower Design
  • Highway Design
  • Bridge Design
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