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Type: Multiple Choice
Number of Questions: 200
Mark / Question: 1
Qualification Criteria: 90% marks
Negative marking: Yes

US$ 300 (Non Members)
US$ 255 (Members)

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CPeP (Certified Project Engineering Professional)

CPeP is an industry oriented course which transforms a student to an industry fit Professional

CPeP® is a collective mark awarded by Academy of Project Engineering to professionals who successfully complete the certification examination conducted by the Academy. This collective mark is a trademark owned by Academy of Project Engineering for the use of its members. Academic direction for this CPeP® Programme is provided by 4 Institutes – Academy of Project Engineering ( USA ) , Academy of Project Engineering ( UK) , Academy of Projects ( Canada ) and Institute of Project Engineering ( India ).

CPeP® professionals are identified with a level of accuracy of knowledge in Multi discipline engineering, design safety, maintainability, constructability, cost, risk and schedule. It is a mark of quality for the working executives or students who attain knowledge on how to apply practical technique in engineering design and management, so that the Project is schedule driven and cost effective.

CPeP® is a very specially integrated certification course that covers both engineering and management aspects and teaches students the hairline difference between Project engineering and Project management activities involved in Projects.

CPeP® certification examination measures knowledge from the following modules, none the less:

Awareness of world’s latest Health safety rules and standards. Implementing them in engineering design.
Awareness of cost, schedule and risk assessment and to know how it can be mitigated through engineering design
Awareness of best practices of multi discipline engineering activities and rules of thumb.

This course is open to Engineering students and all experienced engineers. To apply the certification examination, applicants must meet the following minimum criteria or equivalent:

1. Education and eligibility Student:
A candidate must be a 3rd year or 4th year from an approved four-year program in Engineering & Applied Science from an accredited University or of an equivalent course.

2. Working Executives:
A candidate must be Graduate of an approved four-year program in Engineering & Applied Science, from an accredited University or of an equivalent course.

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