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APE Technology and how it works

APE (Academy of project engineering) is having its registered office in the UK. APE-Power has recently developed a technology “ATHERM” on power plant. This technology addresses design and operation of a thermal power plant. These new methods take care not only shortcomings of an individual machine but also considers the whole plant operation in its entirety, its productivity, efficiency and most importantly cost of power production. APE technology provides direct benefits to the power plant owner – more revenue and increased plant life span.

IPE Group has specially trained engineers, who carries out careful study of the running machines, maintenance records and review its engineering design. APE has specially developed classified formulas and equations to improve machine efficiency, reduce losses, and reduce pollution with minimum capital investment. These formulas guide APE/IPE engineers to understand how changes/investment on an individual machine reflect on power production cost of the power plant as a whole.

List of our major activities can be explained broadly as under:

1. Heat rate improvement and combustion optimization

2. Increase Plant availability / Plant load factor.

3. Parameter optimization.

4. Maintain water quality and reduce water loss.

5. Auxiliary Power Consumption optimization.

6. Improve spare part management.

7. Improve performance Electrostatic Precipitator.

8. Improve performance of Coal handling Plant.

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